Friday, June 3, 2011

Volunteer Orientation

On June 8th there will be an orientation/training for individuals who want to volunteer at Friends of Guest House. Anyone who is interested in attending this orientation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Audrey Stahl, to set up an interview before June 8th. Her email address is: The orientation on the 8th can only accommodate individuals who have met with Ms. Stahl and filled out a volunteer application. Those of you who want to volunteer, but either can't be interviewed before the 8th or can not make the orientation on the 8th be sure to still contact Ms. Stahl. We are always in the market for more dedicated volunteers!
Volunteers at Friends of Guest House work with residents on a wide variety of areas, including: GED tutoring, yard work, computer skills, living healthy (exercise, proper diet, etc.), and legal aid. We like to assess where an individual would fit best by learning of interests and specialties. For example, we have a volunteer who is a high school math teacher so he works with our clients on GED preparation. We are always open to new ideas for how volunteers could contribute to Guest House, so feel free to bring your ideas to the table for discussion!
Thank you!

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