Friday, April 29, 2011

Leadership in Business and Career Development Award

On April 1, 2011 the Executive Director of Friends of Guest House, Kari Galloway, was recognized for her outstanding work and contribution to the community by the Alexandria Commission for Women. She was given the Leadership in Business and Career Development award for her hard work and innovative strategic planning. Congratulations Kari! wrote:

"Leadership in Business and Career Development - Recipient: Kari Galloway

Kari Galloway is the Executive Director of Guest House, a benchmark program that helps transition women from imprisonment into meaningful, productive lives. She has been the Executive Director for 6 years now, and she is credited with saving the program. Galloway leads the staff in teaching several dozen residents every year life skills and common sense, to believe in themselves, to stop smoking and live clean and sober, to write a resume and obtain employment, to rekindle relationships with family and all the while to keep trying. She inspires young social work students, other employees and volunteers at the program. She goes out of her way to create innovative programs for the residents. She has created a Speaker’s Bureau, a Total Woman program and an expansion of the housing options for the residents after leaving Guest House.”

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speakers Bureau Event - Haze

Several members of the Guest House Speakers Bureau will attend a viewing of Haze, the story of a freshman who tragically died after drinking four bottles of whiskey and six bottles of wine during an initiation process for a fraternity. This film is very powerful and moving – definitely a MUST SEE!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 28, from 6:30-9:00 at the Minnie Howard Auditorium, 3801 W. Braddock Rd.

The movie will be followed by a panel discussion, including youth, parents and persons in recovery. Guest House Speakers Bureau will take part in the panel discussion!

Click HERE for the flyer!

Or click HERE to watch the video online!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friends of Gust House is relaunching our blog!

We are working to have monthly briefings about activities and events that Guest House is involved with and weekly updates from the ladies in a program.

We are expanding our presence in social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. We are looking forward to connecting with other organizations and people who have an interest in helping women recognize their potential and break from the cycle of incarceration.

Please follow us and keep up to date on what is going on at Guest House:

Twitter: @ReentryAdvocacy

More updates to follow shortly! Stay tuned!