Sunday, May 8, 2011

Issues that are Important to a Guest House Resident..

"My most important issue now is family. Through my addiction I was never there to support my children. I missed out on going to basketball games, family outings, and my daughter doesn't even know who I am. My life is changed now. I want to be successful. I WILL be successful. I want to be respected, to be honest, and true to the people I love. My long term goal is to have a home and rebuild my relationship with my family. I want to have a traditional Christmas, something I've never been able to have. I want to grow spiritually - I trust in God and he will help me go in the right direction."
- D.H. (Resident at Guest House)

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Jane said...

It was so inspiring to meet you, DH! You have an amazing story, and one that can bring hope to so many women. Please keep telling your story. You are the cred! :-)